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We are working on some exciting VR projects. Stay tuned.

What We Do

We create engaging experiences that captivate and inspire. Using emerging technology and timeless artistic principles, we make virtual reality experiences.

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Lew Strachman is a serial entrepreneur who has solved problems no one else could figure out. From quartz-crystal plating, to making the first digital angiogram, Lew has engineered cutting-edge technology and constructed strategies to find those who love the product.



We are creating games and experiences for Virtual Reality.


Nova Asteroids

Nova Asteroids places the player in the asteroid belt. It is an exhilarating, mini-workout as you control the game with only your movement. The player stands to dodge, side-step, and jump to gain power. Blast asteroids with your gaze!

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Gravity Compass

The viewer is transported to a surrealistic, giant cave, so massive in proportion that whole galaxies float in mid-air. It is peaceful, relaxing, and engaging as you interact with the custom musical score using only your gaze in this epic stellar nursery.